Tales of Hymna

Death & Resurrection


Below you will find a list of current milestones for the game. Everything that is marked in blue has already been achieved. Yellow table items are either currently in development or scheduled for a later stage in development.

Sprite Test Mid October 2012
World Test Early November 2012
Main Menu Early November 2012
Testlevel Mid/Late November 2012
Textboxes and Interaction Early December 2012
Tech Demo Mid/Late December 2012
Windows Environment set up Late December 2012
Project Website online Late December 2012
Mouse Control test Mid January 2013
Design of the City of Spera Late January 2013
Playable Intro 10th of March 2013
Island of Spera Demo (Tech Golden Master) 17th of March 2013
Spera & Sadrica Demo 9th of April 2013
Demo 0.3b 18th of April 2013
Hand In Version ready for testing 25th of April 2013
Hand In May 2013

Improved Hand In Version 0.2s Details 3rd of June 2013
Mellinias  June/July 2013
Shengol Summer 2013
Varwalla Summer 2013