Tales of Hymna

Death & Resurrection


After the assassination of her parents the young Sofia is crowned empress of the country of Hymna, an archipelago of several islands scattered out on what its people call the Great Wide.

Soon after ;her succession to the throne the young empress meets Ariel Calvinoff who is the head of “The Union of Scientists”. He tells Sofia about his search for a mineral called "Fenn" that - after what he says - could be used to modernise Hymna and strengthen its defence.

Tempted by the idea of her being able to take revenge for her parent’s death she agrees to provide funds for Ariel’s research project.

It is by chance that George Montgomery discovers Ariel’s true intentions of taking over the kingdom of Hymna.

With the help of his former teacher George tries to find a way to stop Ariel and embarks on a dangerous quest. On his journey he will not only learn about Hymna's past but will also be the one to shape its future.

The Island of Spera

Tales of Hymna - Death & Resurrection is an Action-Adventure game with features borrowed from classic Role Playing Games. At the moment the game is still in development.

Feel free to have a look a the project milestones to get an overview of the current development.

Previous versions of the game can be found on the here.

Additional infomration about the project is available on the project blog as well.