Tales of Hymna

Death & Resurrection

How to Play

Tales of Hymna - Death & Resurrection is controlled using the computer's mouse and keyboard.

Main Menu


Move your mouse cursor around the menu and click options to select them.


Navigate Arrow Keys
Choose an Option Enter or Space

In Game

Mouse Controls:

Walk Move the mouse cursor, George will follow it
Run Click and drag the mouse cursor into the direction you want George to run in
Jump automatic, when walking over ledges; run to jump further
Attack click when George is near an enemy
Interact click when George is near something he can interact with


Pause Menu Press 'p'
Main Menu Press 'm'

Old Keyboard Controls (only available in the two tech demos)

Walk Arrow Keys
Run Press an Arrow Key twice*
Jump Z**
Attack X
Interact Space or Enter

*While running your stamina bar (S) will decrease. If it is empty you will not be able to run until you have recovered enough stamina.

**To jump further run or walk towards a ledge before jumping.

Since the game is isometric the assignment of the arrow keys is turned 45 degrees clockwise as shown in the picture below.

Main Menu Controls In Game Controls